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An exceptional vineyard in Ramatuelle

The Domaine des Tournels

A family encounters the land

Since 1920, the wonderful story of the Domaine des Tournels vineyard and the Bologna family has been written in the Provençal sunshine in the village of Ramatuelle. Here our 55 hectares of vines enjoy a fabulous position, with the panorama of the sea and sky, at the foot of the Camarat lighthouse.

Average temperature

A perfect location

Our vines enjoy maximum sunshine owing to their directly south-facing aspect. The dry winds coming off the Mediterranean protect the vineyard from humidity-related disease attacks. There are so many geological and climate features which offer perfect conditions for the production of quality wines, typical of the Var terroir.


The vineyard’s seaward side

Our fields on the seaward side, being a total of 35 hectares, on sandy-clayey-schist land enjoy the rising sun as well as the influence of the sea, with a more regulated temperature, sea breezes and the maritime gateways which provide their morning dew.

The vineyard’s landward side

Our plots on the landward side, having a surface area of 20 hectares, sheltered from direct maritime influences on clayey-sandy-schist land, make the most of the winds on warmer land and also the setting sun.


Our grape varieties

Red Wine


Red Wine

The Syrah is a black grape, historically found in the Rhône Valley, Provence, Languedoc-Roussillon and even in South-West France. Originally from Sicily, Persia or Syria according to some legends, but more likely the northern Côtes du Rhône.

Red Wine


Red Wine

Merlot is a red grape dating back to the beginning of the 18th century, well known in the Bordeaux region but also found within our region of Provence. A fruit with small berries with fragrances of black and red fruits, which offers a lovely aromatic range.

Red, Rosé Wine


Red, Rosé Wine

The black Grenache originates from Spain, yet it has been found in the Languedoc, the Rhône Valley and Provence since the Middle Ages. A grape with abundant fruit, which is a safe bet for wines in southern France, whether reds or rosés!

White Wine


White Wine

The Rolle is a white grape that comes from Turkey, which has flourished in the South of France, and particularly here in the Var. It can be found with our Italian neighbours, who know it by the name of Vermentino.
It provides full-bodied and well balanced wines with aromatic notes of grapefruit, white fruit, fennel…

White Wine

Ugni Blanc

White Wine

Mainly cultivated in our southern regions as it doesn’t like frost, the Ugni Blanc is a very popular grape in the Var. Characterized by a fairly pronounced natural acidity, this grape provides freshness and a lovely tension for our wines.

Red, Rosé Wine


Red, Rosé Wine

The origin of this black grape with white juice is likely to have been Provence. You mainly find it in the Languedoc and the Rhône Vallley. This late grape variety, which needs sunshine, flourishes in our fields. Integrated into our AOC Côtes de Provence (Protected Designation of Origin – PDO) red wines, its characteristics are typically aromas of red fruits, dry fruits and white flowers.


The Tibouren was originally from Asia Minor, and may have been introduced to our region by the Romans. Nowadays mainly cultivated in the Mediterranean basin, this grape with a “powerful” juice is being used in the development of our AOC Côtes de Provence and Coteau Varois in Provence.

Red Wine


Red Wine

The Carignan, a grape that originated in Spain, needs sunshine and warmth. It gives the wine a powerful dimension, with pepper aromas, with notes of red fruits, banana, almonds, plums and violets.

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