The Domaine | Tournels Vineyard | Ramatuelle

With the estate

It all started in the 1920s, with the voyage of an Italian exile, who during his journey to Paris, fell in love with the land and stayed there. He cultivated the schist soil to plant vines there, convinced that beneath his feet was amazing soil conducive to grape cultivation. Nowadays, the reputation of the wines of the Domaine des Tournels shows that he wasn't wrong, and his descendants are, in turn, proving that this vineyard is a truly valuable resource. 
  Under the Provençal sunshine of the village of Ramatuelle, our 110-hectare estate takes advantage of a fabulous location between sea and sky, at the foot of the Camarat lighthouse. Our vines receive the maximum hours of sunshine thanks to their south-facing exposure. The dry and violent mistral winds coming off the Mediterranean protect the vineyard from disease attacks linked to humidity. All of these geological and climatic characteristics offer ideal conditions for quality wine production which is typical of the Var terroir.
Ever since arriving, the Bologna family have not been able to crack the mystery of the origin of the name “Tournels”. Some believe that this may come from a previous location used to separate the grain from the ear during corn production. Still others believe that it might have been the name of one of the former owners of the land. It still remains a complete mystery.