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Come and appreciate our distinguished AOC grands crus wines in our tasting cellar located at the heart of the wine-growing estate. Close your eyes, listen to sound of the cicadas and smell the scent of the umbrella pines which line the paths. It is the ideal place to discover and savour our Provence wines!Domaine desTournels - Le caveau photo1
Domaine des Tournels - Le caveau - photo3As seasoned connoisseurs, we are on hand to advise you. Whether upon our Côtes de Provence, Vins de Pays du Var or our range of sparkling wines, we have the knowledge to guide you towards the ideal vintage to perfectly match your needs and dishes. Although a rosé wine is considered to blend with a vast amount of food, we have the knowledge to advise you regarding the optimum food and wine associations, for our various vintages.
Wine tasting is much more than simply a pleasure. It is a genuine art form in which you have to appeal to several of your senses; looking at the wine to appreciate its colour, smell its aromas and distinguish floral or fruity fragrances and lastly to taste it by swirling it on your palate to appreciate all of its flavours.Domaine des t
Every Tuesday morning in July and August, visits to our cellar and wine-producing terroir are offered to visitors and campers most intrigued by it. The opportunity to taste our entire range of wines is recommended to you at the end of the tour, providing you with the possibility to take away some bottled souvenirs of the Provence region.
Opening hours

April 1 to 26 June

June 27 
to september 4

September 5 to October 30th

Monday9h-12h30 /15h30-19h9h-13h /15h30-20h9h-12h30 /15h30-19h
Tuesday9h-12h30 /15h30-19h9h-13h /15h30-20h9h-12h30 /15h30-19h
Wednesday9h-12h30 /15h30-19h9h-13h /15h30-20h9h-12h30 /15h30-19h
Thursday9h-12h30 /15h30-19h9h-13h /15h30-20h9h-12h30 /15h30-19h
Friday9h-12h30 /15h30-19h9h-13h /15h30-20h9h-12h30 /15h30-19h
Saturday9h-12h30 /15h30-19h9h-13h /15h30-20h9h-12h30 /15h30-19h
Sunday9h-12h30 /15h30-19h9h-13h /15h30-20h9h-12h30 /15h30-19h

November 1, 2016 March 31, 2017, the area is only open on Saturday from 9am to 12.30pm and from 15h to 18h .